About us


We would like to act as a messenger to continue to provide thankfulness, sensation and deep emotion to all people through used car sales and offering reassured, comfortable and enjoyable car life.
The motorization of Japan had dramatically progressed forward since 1960s when Japan achieved spectacular economic growth that the world has ever seen. In the meanwhile, the automobile as a symbol of plenty has turned out to be the comfortable tool which everybody can obtain. Since then, more than 50 years have passed by and the automobile in the current world has been recognized as an essential item necessary for our daily life.

The used cars have gradually become popular all over Japan in tandem with the progress of motorization as the car purchasing method with light financial burdens and nowadays more than 2.5 million used cars are sold for retail sale annually. During early days of used car market, not only government and public offices but also many industry group and private enterprises have made strenuous efforts and encouraged to create environment where customers can purchase used car in a steadily transparent and sound manner through eliminating cars with meters falsified, eradicating unjustified advertisement such as bait-and-switch advertising, establishing the standard to make assessment on quality of used cars, and improving the repair and painting skills.

GOOD SPEED has highly emphasized with such efforts by industry group. We would like customers to purchase used car in relief from their heart and ride on used car in a more comfortable and enjoyable manner. We would like to be the company who can offer such rich “private car life” to our customers.

Vision(Medium-term management target)

To become No1 SUV dealer in Japan in terms of used SUV car sales.
It is said that there are ca. 30,000 used car sales stores in Japan. The industry for selling used cars is highly fragmented and even the number-one player is estimated to only have around 5 % sales share in the market.

Since 1990s, the automobile holding period in Japan has become prolonged thanks to evolution in product performance of automobiles, long-continued moderate recession and diversification of consumers’ lifestyle and as a result the number of automobiles sold for both new cars and used cars has been decreased. Further ahead, the depopulation will be accelerated in Japan and at the same time lifestyle of consumers will be diversified and subdivided. The number of cars sold is expected to continue be further decreased through the spread of new methodology of using cars without holding symbolized by “subscription service”, “car sharing” and “car leasing”.

Under such business environment in the industry, the competition for survival among ca. 27,000 used car sales stores is expected to be intensified. In particular, it shall be a good bet that large-sized used car sales outlets with capital strength and infrastructure for sales and after care service will absorb the market shares and small and medium used car outlets shall be dumped into the dustbin.

GOOD SPEED has achieved its growth by specializing in handling SUV since its foundation. Nowadays, we have expanded the types of cars such as Minivan, Mercedes-Benz, BMW MINI in addition to SUV. However, from here on out, we will keep on upholding our brand message “SUV? Gotta be GOOD SPEED” without any change. We have put our medium-term management target to show our presence by sales size of SUV and increase our market share in the increasingly competitive used car sales industry. In concrete terms, we aim at becoming the used car sales company selling SUV most in Japan.

※SUV・・・Abbreviation of Sports Utility Vehicle, one of automobile configuration.

Value(Management philosophy)

Nothing beats our motivation
The consumption behavior is considered to dramatically progress in a convenient and rational manner in the present day where the technology continues to evolve and information industry revolution typified by AI and robot is accelerated. Nevertheless, the essence of consumption behavior is formed by emotion and intellectuality unique to humans and therefore the consumers are seeking for face-to-face communication among humans and sentiment and experience such as “feeling of enjoyment”, “satisfaction” and “emotion”.

GOOD SPEED is operating our business with the mission to continue to provide thankfulness, sensation and emotion to all people by selling used cars and offering reassured, comfortable and pleasant “private car life”. We believe that nothing is more important than the “motivation” of our staffs in order to materialize this mission.

Although the financial power, own know-how and technology, and superior products and services are necessary in order to succeed through competition among companies, the base for this issue is human resource after all and the value of such human resources shall be determined by neither more nor less motivation of our staffs. We would like our customers, society and industry, business partner companies to be satisfied and wish to provide superior products and services and let our business colleagues to win success and growth. We think that such our belief, in other words, the strength of our motivation is the fountainhead of our competitive edge which cannot be replaced by anything else.

Business Overview

We have only one segment, which is automobile sales and related ancillary businesses. Besides that, we provide services such as sales of new and used vehicles, vehicle purchasing, maintenance, repair and painting, a gas station, insurance and car rental.

Overview by Service

(1)New and Used Vehicle sales‐Related car sales businesses‐
We are operating some official dealers such as BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson and Vespa in the field of new motorcycles. Also, we are developing MEGA stores, specialty stores in domestic cars and import cars as used car stores and used motorcycle stores. In order to provide customers with vehicles that match their lifestyles, we are creating highly specialized stores and training our staff by limiting the types of vehicles we handle. Since its establishment, we have been offering SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles. Sports utility vehicles. Our brand image as a used car dealer specializing in 4WD vehicles and imported used vehicle has been used to develop specialty shops specializing in older models and lower-mileage vehicles.

We are aggressively developing our business by adopting a dominant store format in the Tokai area. To attract customers, we are actively using newspaper inserts and other media, as well as Internet and TV and radio commercials to expand our trade area.

(2)Vehicle purchasing‐Related car sales businesses‐
In addition to over-the-counter purchases by customers who bring their vehicles to our stores, we also purchase from customers who wish to purchase their vehicles through the bulk purchase assessment website operated by multiple companies. Through the automobile purchase program, we have been strengthening the development of purchasing routes that contribute to over-the-counter sales without relying on auto auctions, by keeping the vehicle models in our handling lineup in our stores as part of our inventory. We can contribute to our sales by selling vehicles that are not part of our product lineup at auto auctions. We will continue to regard this as an important business for us, and we are considering investing capital in it aggressively.

(3)Maintenance, repair and painting, gas station- Related ancillary businesses -
We provide services such as maintenance and vehicle inspections for sold vehicles. Most dealerships have maintenance shops, and even for dealerships that do not have their own maintenance shops, we have achieved an increase in the number of vehicles inspected and serviced by neighboring shops or subcontractors. In addition, because most dealerships receive a high volume of customers on holidays, the company is working to improve service and operational efficiency by separating sales and maintenance operations. Furthermore, we have a BP center (Body & Painting) that specializes in sheet metal work. Body & Painting), which specializes in sheet metal work. (Body & Painting), which specializes in sheet metal work, was launched in 2013 to strengthen our support system so that customers can use their vehicles with greater peace of mind and safety.Besides that, we operate a gas station for not only our customer but also customers who purchased from other companies.

(4)Insurance-Related ancillary businesses-
We provide agent services for non-life insurance companies. At each of our used vehicle sales outlets, we propose auto insurance and obtain new auto insurance at the time of sales of the vehicles we handle. In addition, we have established a specialized department for after-sales care, and are working to strengthen our support system in order to improve the insurance contract continuation rate.

(5)Car rental-Related ancillary businesses-
We provide a car rental service. The purpose of this service is to create a new revenue stream, to motivate customers to sell their vehicles through the rental car experience, and to develop a supply chain that converts the rented vehicles into our inventory. Our current car rental customers are general customers and non-life insurance companies that we have an agency agreement with.It is used by non-life insurance companies as a rental car when the car accident happened.